Social Value

We create a sustainable future where people, society and the environment will coexist.

2021년 지속가능경영 보고서

Sustainability Report 2021

Previously published sustainability reports can be found in the ESG library of Sustainability Management Strategy.

Double Bottom Line

Pursuing social values based on the management for the happiness of all relevant parties, SK ecoplant grows together with society by not only contributing to economic development, but also creating social values pursues.

  • SK ecoplant pursues sustainable management by maximizing EV+SV hybridization and upgrading ESG management.
  • Our mission is to create a good impact by solving complex and diverse problems in the environment and society with technology and solutions.
  • We place our top priority on safety in all of our business sites.
  • We practice ethical management to prevent anti-corruption and continuously strives to grow together with our partners.

BM innovation through the pursuit of DBL

'Pursuit of DBL (Double Bottom Line)' refers to pursuing creation of both economic and social values in all business activities. SK ecoplant is innovating its business model (BM) in a form that can capture social values through the pursuit of DBL.

Social Value Assessment

The purpose of social value assessment is to increase the positive impact (+) by identifying the nature (+/-) and scale of the value created by the corporate through monetization; to improve negative impact (-) by setting/managing goals for improvement, ultimately returning greater value to society. SK ecoplant is going to identify social problems related to business through social value improvement activities, and to utilize them as business model innovation opportunities so to improve sustainability of the corporate.

DBL(DBL Double Bottom Line) - EV(economic Value) + SV(social Value)

Social value performance in 2020 : 7,232 billion won

  • Outcomes of indirect economic contribution

    Values of indirect contribution to the economy through business activities

    employment 4,626 billion won
    dividends 204 billion won
    and tax payment 1,352 billion won
    6,182 billion won
    • Employment : Employment is assessed based on the total wages paid to employees as a result of job creation
    • Dividend : Measuring the amount of dividend paid in connection with business performance in the measurement year
    • Tax payment : Measuring the amount of corporate tax on the income statement and the amount of tax out of income tax on the income statement and tax in the public account
  • Business social performance

    Social value generated through product development/production/sales

    product, service 814 billion won
    environment (process) △41 billion won
    and society (labor, shared growth) 245 billion won
    1,018 billion won
    • Environmental process : Evaluating the environmental impact of environmental pollution (greenhouse gas, and waste) and resource consumption (water) generated at the construction site
    • Products and services : Contributions from construction, customer compensation, and products with continued performance after completion
    • Society : Improvement of the working environment, and win-win situation of shared growth
  • Outcomes of Social Contribution

    Values created by community social contribution activities

    Social Contribution 32 billion won
    32 billion won