OTO Platform

Broaden the environmental ecosystem through continuous connection with stakeholders and securing the innovative eco-friendly technologies

OTO(One Team Operation) Platform

SK ecoplant discovers and develops innovative eco-friendly future technologies, and connects core competencies in clients, technologies, start-ups, finance, others so to build up an ecosystem for OTO Platform where groundbreaking environmental solutions are constantly created and developed.

OTO Center

SK ecoplant is determined to leap forward to be a Global Top-tier Eco-friendly corporate by facilitating the role of 'Campus for innovative technology' where innovative eco-friendly future technologies are discovered, incubated and accelerated.

SKIL (SK Innovation Lab)

Broaden the Pool mainly with the domestic ecofriendly technology companies, and push ahead to evolve into Eco-friendly Start -up Platform by bolstering Target development

On-hand Deal


We develop eco-friendly innovative future technologies and solutions with various research & development institutes home and abroad, financial institutions, government organizations and through own programs.

eco-friendly innovative future technologies or Green Technology for Future
Water, Waste, Energy + AI, DT, Robotics
Deep Technology to upgrade the existing technologies

We are devoted to the growth of the corporate by connecting various stakeholders.

  • Provides customized ESG investment fit to growth stages of the innovative tech company
    • Operate Venture Capital Fund for start-ups in early stages, and Private Equity Fund for companies in operating stage
  • Value-up Program to ensure growth of innovative tech companies
    • Support strategic marketing, technical consulting, Test - bed, business expansion, and global market entry using by SK ecoplant’s holding assets, customer, competencies

We, SK ecoplant, creates new values and future environment solutions through various connected activities.

By repeating Cheap & Fast Fail, we ensure success of technology and growth of the corporate, and through the course we identify or create new values of the eco-friendly service business so that we can evolve, develop to be ecosystem platform for eco-friendly circular economy and businesses.