Eco Lab Center

Ecosystem Platform for securing and connecting eco-friendly technologies

Eco Lab

Ecosystem Platform for securing and connecting eco-friendly technologies

As a green ecosystem platform, Eco Lab makes R&D strategies in link with business strategies; analyzes the trends of eco-friendly technology • policy • market and makes R&D portfolio accordingly; and forms the technology roadmap based on technology and market analyses on the element technologies. SK Ecoplant is innovating its business model through in-company R&D & joint R&D for the pioneering and differential green technologies in areas of Water•Wastes Also, we are identifying and connecting partners including Startups for the eco-friendly and innovative technologies so to promote Open Innovation; and providing novel ecofriendly solution to customers through partnering and technology exchanges with global top companies. Furthermore, SK ecoplant is playing a role as Center of Excellence (CoE) who supervises technology development, internalization, as well as consulting in environmental area of business by performing technical reviews on new environmental business and M&A related technology evaluation.


  • Identifying and developing technologies through technology partnership
  • ating Innovative values through technology• convergence


  • Provision of green Solution and Operation Excellency

Research Institute (R&D Center)

  • Implementing joint projects with public • private research institutes
  • Playing a role of partner jointly making policies for environmental technology

Global ecofriendly Corporation

  • Advancing into new eco-friendly businesses in partnership with Global Tech Companies in the ownership of innovative technologies
Eco Lab
Water Research Lab

Securing innovative technologies of Water Recirculation through R&D and Open Innovation

Waste Research Lab

Establishing ecofriendly ecosystem platform through securing and linking the 3R of wastes resources

  • 01 Technology development

    SK ecoplant is assuring differential ecofriendly technologies by developing leading green technologies and through R&D.

  • 02 Network

    SK ecoplant is establishing a platform for new eco-friendly ecosystem through the Open Innovation of green innovative corporation • technology, as well as the policy network of technology and policy.

  • 03 Business Support

    We are contributing to creating company values by supporting making of new growth engines into business, and innovating Business Model