OTO Platform

Broaden the environmental ecosystem through continuous connection with stakeholders and securing the innovative eco-friendly technologies

DT Group

Eco Digital Enabler to connect digital technologies

DT group leads the modernization of environmental industry and digitalization to support what SK Ecoplant aims to achieve.

DT Group connects the environmental industry based on data; implements innovative digital technology & solutions to improve the environment; and simultaneously enhance productivity & operational efficiency while assuring visibility throughout the complete value chain of environmental industry.

We strive to understand Pain Points where the stakeholders’ experiencing in the fundamental areas of environmental industry such as water treatment in sewerage, carbon emission, and waste treatment where process flows as collection > transportation > Sorting > Recycling > Incineration > Reclamation. DT Group is making utmost efforts to develop, implement various digital technologies and solutions to solve such difficulties.

On top of that, DT Group has consistently been making efforts to increase productivity and safety of employees through Digitalization of E&C business sector. Established a main platform, the process through complete Project Life Cycle of the E&C industry and have aimed 7D BIM beyond 4D, 5D BIM. To improve employees’ safety, we have implemented SMART Safety Solution which can be controlled by the center using loT sensors, wearable cameras. We consider far more various utilization of digital technologies.

DT Group’s Mission and Role

DT Group’s Mission Digital Innovation as a Service
  • 01 BM Innovation

    Implement new product and business model

    • Development of business opportunities and DT based innovation of business models in environment/new energy/EPC through understanding trends of industry/technology, Pain Points and requirements from outside clients/stakeholders
    • Promoting the realization of discovered BM innovation opportunities
  • 02 OM innovation

    Operational Innovation of legacy business

    • Develop or introduce DT solutions to discover and realize opportunities to innovate processes and operations in legacy businesses based on understanding the pain points and requirements from internal customers and stakeholders such as business divisions and subsidiaries
  • 03 Digital Foundation

    Cloud transformation, core technology, digital potential, and workplace.

    • Fast innovation through Cloud transformation, and establishment and operation of platform for flexible and stable operation
    • Discover and apply various DT core technologies that enable BM and OM innovation
    • Establishment and operation of data management and analysis platform
    • Building digital capabilities and workplace for innovating ways of work