Win-win management

We create a sustainable future where people, society and the environment will coexist.

SK ecoplant recognizes Biz. Partner as its lifelong partner.
We have a shared growth program to grow together and are conducting various activities accordingly.

As a result of the shared growth program, we received the 'Excellent' grade for the first time in the construction industry as of 2020 for the fourth consecutive year in the shared growth index, maintaining the highest level in the industry.

In addition, we signed an agreement of 'Inclusive Company 2.0' with the Ministry of SMEs and Startups in June 2021 to nurture and support innovative companies in the eco-friendly and smart innovation fields.

SK ecoplant Shared Growth Program

Shared Growth Program
Win-win loan
Supporting the funds
Supporting the guarantee
of performing contract
Win-win fund with interest-free based on the fund created by SK ecoplant with lower
interest rates compared to market rates jointly created by SK affiliates
and IBK Industrial Bank of Korea
Reduce the guarantee rate of the contract performed by partner
Provide training courses for overseas site managers
To create industry-academic-linked employment
Offer participation in job fairs
nurture overseas manpower in connection with external specialized educational institutions,
and support partners’ companies’ recruitment conduct internship training for the graduates
from meister high school and support partners’ recruitment
Provide opportunities to participate in various exhibitions
Industrial innovation
movement share the benefits
Support ESCROW
Use investment resource for shared growth, Support partners’ voluntary innovative tasks,
Benefit sharing / Achieve common goals such as cost reduction and R&D through
cooperative activities between SK ecoplant and its partners companies and share the benefits
Protect key technical data by depositing it in the 'Foundation for Large, Small and Medium
Enterprises, Agricultural and Fishery Cooperation'
and training
Outsourced training and education / CEO seminars on
shared growth
Shard growth Global MBA
Other education and training
Support education expense for construction practical training courses provided by the Construction Association of Korea
Provide seminars to enhance CEO’s capability and Mgmt. Perspective of major business partners
Provide systemized management education to enhance CEO’s capability and Mgmt.
Perspective of major business partners / Support online and theme training
Provide opportunities to participate in purchase
trade show
Provide opportunities to participate in various trade shows
Welfare benefits
Support congratulatory and condolence expenses
Support long-term tenure
of key personnel
Support such as wreaths/ condolence flowers and money for congratulations and
condolences to business partners in congratulations and condolences
Induce long-term tenure by supporting 'Small and Medium Business Corporation Plan
(SBC Plan)' for key personnel of business partners

Introduction of ECO Partners

ECO Partners started as the name of 'Happy Wings Committee' in 2011 and changed its name into 'ECO Partners' in 2021 to reflect its commitment to becoming a partner for eco-friendliness and ESG with SK ecoplant. ECO Partners regularly hold events including regular general meetings, Biz Partners'’ factory tour, green meetings, and shared growth DAY to promote intimacy and mutual understanding, including regular general meetings, visits to Biz Partners’ factories, green meetings, and shared growth DAY and ECO Partners receive various benefits that SK ecoplant supports for Biz Partner first.

ESG Management activities

SK ecoplant is considering the introduction of ESG evaluation system for its business partners for ESG management with Biz. partners. We have signed an MOU for the development of ESG evaluation models with credit rating agencies (eCredible, NICE D&B), and we plan to develop ESG evaluation models tailored to the construction industry to conduct ESG evaluations of Biz. Partners. Starting in 2021, we gradually expand the ESG evaluation target and provide continuous support for solving Biz. Partners’ ESG risks.

Partner ESG Improvement Support Program


SK ecoplant plans to implement ethical management education for its Biz. Partners from 2021 to comply with ethical management with the Biz. Partners, and is continuously monitoring unethical behavior by operating ethics management consultation/report channel.