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Our goal is to become an
eco-friendly corporation that
protects the planet. This goal is our new raison
d’être and the sector to which we will be dedicated

Serving as the backbone of SK Group’s green business, SK ecoplant will take on
environmental issues based on its dedication, and will conduct eco-friendly projects with impact
through connective leadership, uniting the world with its engineering capacity

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With full commitment to our environment,
we work towards a better future for all.


Open Innovation

Through innovative eco-technology,
we build an open innovation ecosystem
for the contemplation and resolution of
environmental problems.


Carbon-neutral innovative solution

By adopting eco-friendly energy technology,
we provide innovative carbon-neutral solutions
to global warming issues.


ESG-based space composition

We aspire to be a market leader in ECO space,
ECO build, and ECO operating systems that
utilize ESG-based space composition,
technology, and finance.


Green Infrastructure Builder

As a Global Green Infrastructure Builder,
we strive to contribute to the happiness of
mankind and improve the quality of life.


Tech Solution Package Provider

Technical solution provider to build
a future society.

Connective Leadership

By connect various stakeholders such as business partners, financial societies,
the government, and environmental companies into one team, we build an ecosystem
where innovative environmental solutions can be continuously developed.

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Good Impact

For a future where people and society coexist with the environment,
we pursue to become an eco-friendly company through 'sustainable management'.

Human Environmental Social Coexistence,
Sustainability, Eco-friendly Company