Waste Management & Recycling

The Environmental Management Solution Provider based on Innovative Eco technology

Based on "Waste to Energy, Waste to Resources," we will provide a comprehensive environmental solution to complete the circular economy of waste zero and solve global environmental problems

Since the acquisition of renewus in 2020, SK ecoplant has continued to grow as a comprehensive environmental platform that operates a “Waste-to-Resource” business centered on the 4Rs (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Recovery) based on “Resources & Circular Economy” (Resource Circularity).
SK ecoplant is accelerating the advancement of the domestic environmental industry by applying differentiated innovative technologies, while strengthening its overseas presence through differentiated environmental management capabilities. Ultimately, SK ecoplant will create an “open innovation ecosystem” that can solve environmental problems together with environmentally-aware people, and establish itself as 'a company that springs to mind whenever environmental problems arise'.

Waste to Resource 환경 플랫폼에 관한 이미지 입니다. 자세한 설명은 하단 내용을 참고하세요.

  • 생산 - Waste to Energy(소각, 폐열, CCUS, 바이오가스) - 소각/매립 Zero화
  • 생산 - Recycle(E-Waste, 폐배터리, 플라스틱, 폐유기용제) - Waste
  • 유통 - Reuse(하·폐수 재이용) - 소비/Waste 중간 단계
  • Upstream

    E-Waste 및 폐배터리
    리사이클 초순수·무방류

  • Midstream

    환경관리 디지털
    솔루션 (Wayble)

  • Downstream



SK ecoplant entered the recycling business by acquiring SK tes, a global leading company of E-waste recycling, and DY Indus/Polymer, a company specializing in the recycling of plastics.
In particular, for the EV Battery recycling market, whose value is expected to grow to around KRW 600 trillion by 2050, we are securing differentiated competitiveness by adding battery recycling technology based on SK tes’s global network, which boasts the largest number of national bases (23 countries) in the E-waste industry.
SK ecoplant, in keeping with its role as an environmental business operator, aims to achieve Zero Waste and Zero Carbon through the recycling of resources.

SK tes

SK tes is a global E-waste company headquartered in Singapore whose main business areas include the recycling of electrical and electronic waste, ITAD (IT asset disposal) services, and the recycling of waste batteries. Currently, it operates 46 treatment facilities in 23 countries, including 5 core countries, namely the United States, the United Kingdom Germany, China, and Singapore, and has the largest number of regional offices in the industry. Based on the acquisition of SK tes, SK ecoplant will expand from waste management to the upstream recycling business and emerge as a truly global environmental company.

Environmental Infrastructure O&M

SK ecoplant is creating new values by recycling waste and generating resources, reaching far beyond the effective management of sewage, wastewater and waste. As the leading group of experts in the environmental field, we are actively engaged in ESG activities, particularly the effective control of pollutants, and philanthropic corporate social activities. As a leading provider of environment solutions we now aim to provide services not only in the public but also in the private sector, where we will present innovative values for our customers and set new standards for the market.

Private O&M sector for Environmental Infrastructure:
M/S ranking No. 1
1,100 O&M facilities


Incineration is the most direct method of reducing the volume of waste and neutralizing its hazards. SK ecoplant mitigates the hazard posed by waste materials by incinerating and converting them to energy for the public and the environment. By recovering the heat generated by incineration, we are able to provide heating, cooling, and electricity, while our meticulous pollutant emissions control has earned the trust of local communities. Furthermore, we are gearing up to secure the capability required to lead the market as an environmentally-friendly corporation equipped with its own environmentally-friendly, AI-based incinerator solution, and to set an inspiring example with our incinerator operating system to which the global markets pay close attention.

Limit value of incineration: 1,102 tons per day
11 incineration sites


Landfill is a sophisticated engineering structure that contributes to environmental safety and sustainability. With professional and efficient Operation and Maintenance (O&M) techniques, SK ecoplant has prevented wastes and pollutants from dispersion and secured stability. It is concerned to block the potential negative impact from the perspective of long-term maintenance, and to conserve the local environment for future generations. We will lead the environmentally-friendly recycling of resources by applying the appropriate treatments to landfilled waste and operating the Waste Management System.

Permitted Capacity: 4,987,000㎥
4 landfill treatment sites


Since its establishment in 1997, renewus has become Korea's largest comprehensive environmental company, operating 1,290 sewage and wastewater treatment facilities, 4 incineration facilities, landfill facilities, and waste oil and wastewater treatment facilities nationwide. It has maintained the market-leading position in the water treatment O&M (Operation & Maintenance) field and has continued to grow by expanding its business to include the incineration and landfill fields. In addition, the company is enhancing its competitiveness by introducing innovative solutions such as AI and DT-based logistics systems and incinerator operations, as well as upgrading its operation systems. Thanks to these efforts, renewus has been recognized for its environmental business competency and technological prowess by the Ministry of Environment and domestic and foreign academic societies.