ECO Business

The Environmental Management Solution Provider based on Innovative Eco technology

SK ecoplant is leading the way in solving urgent environmental problems with its competence and innovative green technologies built up from Business DevelopmentㆍEPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) Projects.

Starting with the EMC acquisition in 2020, SK ecoplant continues to grow as a comprehensive environmental platform that implements a Waste to Resource business centered on 3R (Reduce: incineration and landfill, Reuse: water treatment, Recycle: Wasted Material) based on Resources & Circular Economy (Resource Circularity).

SK ecoplant accelerates the advancement of the domestic environmental industry by applying the differentiated innovative technologies and continue to broaden overseas presence through 'One Team Operation' with the Financial Society. Ultimately, SK ecoplant will create an Open Innovation ecosystem that can solve environmental problems with the environmentally conscious people and will establish itself as 'a company that comes to mind first when environmental problems arise'.

Asia's leading environmental company in 2023


EMC·Business area

Environmental Infrastructure O&M area

SK ecoplant is creating new values through resources and recycling, striding beyond the effective sewage, wastewater and wastes management. As the leading group of experts in environmental field, we are actively engaged in ESG activities, particularly effective pollutant control and philanthropic corporate social activities. We are now going to provide services not only in the public sector but also in private sector, as the leading Environment Solution Provider, we surely will present innovative values for the customers and set a new standard for the market.

Private O&M sector for Environmental Infrastructure: M/S ranking No. 1
1,100 O&M facilities


Incineration area

Incineration is the most direct method to reduce the volume of wastes and neutralize its hazards. SK ecoplant mitigates wastes by incineration and convert them into energy for people and the environment. Recovering the heat from incineration, we service heating, cooling, and electricity, and our meticulous pollutant emissions control has earned the trust among the local communities. Furthermore, we are gearing up to secure capability to lead the market as environmentally friendly corporate with own environmentally-friendly incinerator artificial intelligence (AI) solution, and to become an aspiration that global markets pay attention to our incinerator operating system.

Steam Production Capacity 270,000 ton per year, Power Generation Capacity 26,000MW per year,
Limit Value of incineration 360 Ton per day, 4 incineration sites:


Landfill Area

Landfill is a sophisticated engineering structure which contributes to environmental safety and sustainability. With professional and efficient Operation and Maintenance (O&M) techniques, SK ecoplant has prevented wastes and pollutants from dispersion and secured stability. It is concerned to block potential impact from the perspective of long-term maintenance, and to conserve the local environment for our future generations. We will lead environmentally friendly resource recycling by implementing appropriate treatment on landfilled wastes and Waste Management System.

Permitted Capacity: 3,428,000 ㎡,
1 Landfill Treatment site