Board of Director

Aiming for a transparent governance structure and striving for responsible management centered
on the board of directors

SK ecoplant aims for a transparent governance structure and strives for responsible management centered on the board of directors. Currently, the board of directors consists of two inside directors, one other non-executive director, and four outside directors. In 2021, the first year of governance innovation, the Corporate Governance Charter was enacted, the ESG Committee was newly established, and a senior outside director system was introduced to strengthen the efficiency and independence of the Board of Directors. In 2022, the process for appointing outside directors was supplemented to establish internal standards and a selection system to ensure expertise, diversity, and independence, and diversity was improved by appointing female directors. In order to enhance the expertise of the board of directors, various training programs and site visit programs are also being operated.

Composition of the Board of Directors

Inside directors

  • 박경일 사내이사

    Kyoung-II Park
    • Current) CEO, SK ecoplant
    • COO, SK ecoplant
    2021.03 ~ 2024.03
  • 조성옥 사내이사

    Sung-ok Cho
    • Current)CFO, SK ecoplant
    • Head of the Corp.Strategy Center, SK ecoplant
    2022.12 ~ 2025.03

Non-executive director

  • 이성형 기타 비상무이사

    Sung-Hyung Lee
    • Curruent) CFO(President), SK Inc.
    • General Manager of Financial Management, SK Telecom
    2021.03 ~ 2024.03

Independent directors

  • 김윤모 사외이사

    Yoon-Mo Kim (Senior Independent Director)
    • Current) Vice Chairman of Nautic Investments
    • Advisor, AJNET
    2021.03 ~ 2024.03
  • 김종호 사외이사

    Jong-Ho Kim (Independent Director)
    • Current) Chairman, ESG Management Committee, LS Cable & System
    • CEO & Advisor, Deloitte Korea
    2023.03 ~ 2026.03
  • 박선규 사외이사

    Sun-Kyu Park (Independent Director)
    • Current) Professor, Dept. of Civil & Environmental Engineering, Sungkyunkwan University
    • Executive Vice President of Sungkyunkwan University
    2023.03 ~ 2026.03
  • 이미라 사외이사

    Mi-ra Lee (Independent Director)
    • Current) Independent Director in Hankook Tire & Technology
      Chairperson of the ESG Committee
      Visiting Professor, Graduate School of International Studies, Yonsei University
    • Head of HR at General Electric (GE) Korea
    2022.12 ~ 2025.03