Welcome to SK ecoplant. This is SK ecoplant CEO, Jae Hyun Ahn.

Since its establishment in 1977, SK ecoplant started as SK E&C has grown with the nation and the people by carrying out key national projects, and it opened a new chapter with the will to change into an eco-friendly company.

SK ecoplant entered the environmental business through the acquisition of EMC, No. 1 environmental comprehensive platform company in Korea, at the end of 2020 as a meaningful first step for this change. Furthermore, we’ve secured future growth engine by possessing leading experience/capacity in the field of liquid treatment including sewage, wastewater, and waste oil as well as its own plants for dealing with solids such as incineration and landfill.

As the key player of SK Group’s green business, SK ecoplant will do eco-friendly business effectively with the authenticity to environmental issues by connecting the world based on its capability in engineering.

SK ecoplant performs its business activities based on the two axes of eco-friendly and new energy business. In the case of the eco-friendly business, we will lead the downstream area in addition to the sewage treatment which we’re already leading, and we’re rapidly entering the upstream area to build a circular economy by maximizing 3R (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) through innovative technology. We’re trying to improve productivity by combining DT and AI technologies as well as environmental technologies.

We're trying to improve productivity by combining DT and AI technologies as well as environmental technologies.
In addition, as a part of our efforts to make our production and consumption processes be proceeded in eco-friendly way, we have plan to apply eco-friendly production methods as much as possible to the building materials used in our construction work.

In the case of the new energy business, we’re continuously doing our currently active businesses in hydrogen fuel cell, RE100, and offshore wind power to help build a circular economy and reduce carbon dioxide, and this will also highly contribute to achieving SK’s overall Net Zero greenhouse gas emissions.

SK ecoplant will adopt ESG as a new core value in corporate management, enhance its corporate value by applying innovative technologies to become a leader in the environmental business, and do M&A projects and new business development.

We ceaselessly do our best to become an Asia’s leading environmental company beyond Korea.

We promise to carry out all these management activities based on the board of directors in a transparent and fair manner, and we will do our best to create sustainable value, along with maximizing the satisfaction of all stakeholders.

Thank you for your love and support.

Jae Hyun Ahn
SK ecoplant President & CEO

Jae Hyun Ahn