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Beyond Eco-City, we will make an eco-friendly world by implementing ‘The Zero City’

Based on the best technologies, SK Engineering & Construction has contributed to stakeholders’ happiness through diverse construction projects, such as plants, infrastructure, buildings, and housings, and industrial development at home and abroad. We would like to express special thanks for the continued support and encouragement that you have provided for the past 44 years since the establishment of our company in 1977.

In May 2021, we started our new journey with a new company name, SK ecoplant.

Today, the world is experiencing serious environmental issues, such as garbage disposals, greenhouse gas emissions, and climate changes that threaten the world’s existence. Thus, SK ecoplant expands the existing construction business to include the environmental and energy solutions to our business portfolio and starts the new challenge to revert the environment for mankind back to its original condition.

Last year, we have grown to become truly the best comprehensive eco-company that represents the entire country through the EMC takeover and environmental company M&A by the Bolt-on strategy. We have secured the treatment capacity with the largest scale in the country in various eco-industry sectors, such as water treatment, waste incineration and landfill, and moved the industry to a higher level by applying the previously owned engineering technologies. The evolution we are generating for the industry will have a faster pace. We will develop the backward eco-industry by commercializing eco-friendly waste treatment technology and the 4th industrial revolution’s technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI), digital transformation (DT), etc. Furthermore, we will expand our business areas to the global market through innovative solutions that implement the Waste Zero project that is based on 3R (Reduce, reuse, and recycle).

We will accelerate the eco-friendly energy supply for the new renewable energy business by persistently pursuing businesses in hydrogen fuel cells, solar photovoltaic power, offshore wind power and provide solutions to achieve the nation’s Net Zero policy.

At the same time, we will pursue sustainable construction through eco-solutions that address environmental issues.

As a developer who creates new space for the building and housing business, we will establish a new business model for residential and business space by utilizing eco-friendly technologies and products.

We will secure high-quality assets for the infrastructure business through the futuristic business model that addresses the development capacities to domestic eco-friendly public projects and foreign PPP business sectors.

Lastly, our engineering business will rapidly grow in promising areas for the future, such as semiconductors, batteries, LiBS, hydrogen plants, etc., by providing solutions based on technologies that lead the Smart Construction.

Now, we have just started our first step for the step-by-step growth and expansion that shapes the circular economy. First, starting with individual environmental businesses, such as waste incineration and landfill, water treatment, etc., we will substantially develop the carbon-neutral industrial complex linked with the new renewable energy businesses, such as fuel cells and solar photovoltaic power, wind power, Waste-to-Energy, etc. Furthermore, we will be implementing “The Zero City” projects that actualize the Waste-Zero and Carbon-Zero by comprehensively providing solutions for carbon neutrality, energy independence, resource circulation, and smart city.

In order to establish an exemplary governance structure, SK ecoplant has established a management system centered around the board of directors that have both expertise and autonomy while actively implementing the fair trade compliance program. We promise that the company’s major management activities will be transparently and fairly conducted through the board of directors to improve the shareholder value and rights and will do our best to increase all stakeholders’ happiness and to create social values.

Once again, thank you very much for your love and encouragement.

Kyung-il Park
SK ecoplant CEO

Kyung-il Park