Eco Lab is our green ecosystem platform, as a Tech Hub connects all the technologies of SK ecoplant. We analyze the trends of the eco-friendly technology·policy·market and produce the related technology roadmap, and we are building up the R&D portfolio in conjunction with our business strategies. Additionally, we are also pursuing innovation of the business model through joint R&D aimed at pioneering differentiated green technologies in various eco-friendly areas such as battery, water, and waste.

We build partnerships, including with startups, to advance eco-friendly and innovative technologies, promoting Open Innovation. Through collaborations and knowledge exchanges with global leaders, we deliver cutting-edge eco-friendly solutions to our clients.
Furthermore, Eco Lab is playing the role of a Center of Excellence (CoE) that supervises technology development and internalization, as well as consulting in the environmental area of business, by performing technical reviews of new environmental business related technology investment.

  • Tech Development
    Technology Development and Completion
    • Open Innovation
    • Digital Technology Convergence
    • Test Bed Verification
    • Developing Solutions
  • Tech Investment
    Establishing Environmental Innovation Ecosystem
    • Discovering and Accelerating Start-ups
    • Cooperating with Stakeholders in the Environmental Industry
    Securing Innovative Technology/Company
    • Investment, Takeovers, and Partnerships
  • Tech Business
    Connecting Business and Technology
    • Asset Value-up
    • Expanding New Businesses
    Develop Technology BM
    • Developing and Actualizing Technology-based Bussiness Models
    Connecting Customer and Solutions
    • Consulting on customer-environmental issues & PKG Marketing
    • Hyper-connected eco-friendly technology


  • Identifying and developing technologies through technology partnerships
  • Creating innovative values through technology convergence


  • Providing eco-friendly solutions and operational excellence

Research Institute (R&D Center)

  • Executing joint projects with public and private research institutes
  • Acting as a partner in the joint development of environmental technology policies

Global Eco-friendly Corporation

  • Advancing into new eco-friendly businesses in partnership with Global Tech Companies that own innovative technologies
  • 01 Battery

    We focus on securing eco-friendly battery recycling technologies to promote a circular economy for batteries.

  • 02 Water

    We deliver customized solutions by developing and acquiring differentiated and innovative water treatment technologies.

  • 03 Waste

    We focus on Waste-to-Energy/Waste-to-Resource and securing innovative technologies for carbon reduction/utilization.