Clean Technology & Solutions

SK ecoplant has defined securing and developing clean technology in the area of environment, energy, and solutions as our key growth strategy, to solve global environmental issues and make Earth a better place. Through this, we seek to maximize both economic value and social value. In order to achieve such aim, SK ecoplant is making investments in companies equipped with various environmental·energy innovation technologies and succeeding in the transition of business portfolio. Furthermore, the investments by SK ecoplant have been made in a way that all investments in technologies and investments in subsidiaries were focused in the same direction and purpose, creating greater synergies. SK ecoplant will contribute to realizing a circular economy by establishing environmental infrastructure grafted with digital solutions and securing and localizing clean energy producing technologies.

Environmental Business

We aim to establish a platform for a circular economy, which will enable us to resolve battery, water, and C-tech issues and achieve Net Zero, based on AI·DT and environmental technologies and solutions.

환경 테이블 (운영 효율화, Waste to Resource, CO₂ 포집 및 자원화, Waste to Energy)
AI·DT "We pursue a green platform that enhances the efficiency of the environmental industry by using advanced solutions based on innovative AI·DT."

SK ecoplant is providing various environmental·energy solutions based on the digital transition of the environmental industry. Zero4 Solution has improved the operational efficiency of incinerators and water treatment plants by grafting AI technology to technologies for monitoring and controlling these facilities, while WAYBLE service, a comprehensive solution transitioning the existing waste management method to a digital method, has connected the entire value chain of waste and recycled resources. Moreover, we are developing digital technologies for measuring and efficiently managing carbon emissions. We will secure the visibility of the entire environmental industry and achieve efficiency through digital technologies, and complete Net Zero as well as a circular economy.

Battery Recycling "We aim to build a resource circulation value chain through the eco-friendly recycling of waste batteries"

SK ecoplant has built a circular economy value chain of batteries by securing and enhancing the elementary technologies of waste battery recycling. We are working hard to gain an edge in the technology competition based on efforts such as discovery of and investment in innovative technologies for the recycling of waste batteries, construction of pre-treatment facilities for recycling waste batteries, and development and verification of post-treatment technologies by collaborating with world-class research institutes and companies. In addition, we aim to become the center of the battery recycling ecosystem by recycling waste batteries in an eco-friendly, efficient way based on innovative technologies.

Water Treatment "We aim to build a sustainable water circulation system by developing and enhancing future water treatment technologies."

SK ecoplant is an environmental and energy solution provider developing and enhancing technologies for reuse, zero-discharge, energy saving, and bioenergy production to build a sustainable water circulation system and achieve carbon neutrality. In addition, we continue to have keen interest and invest in core technologies for producing and operating ultrapure water whose localization is being promoted by the government. We are also promoting the development and verification of ultrapure water elementary technologies. SK ecoplant is looking for a way to play a role as a company that can contribute to accomplishing technological independence and securing competitiveness at a national level with its own technology.

C-tech (Clean, Climate, Carbon) "We aim to provide optimized solutions to various customers by developing and connecting eco-friendly innovative technologies through an Open Innovation with the goal of realizing a circular economy."

SK ecoplant is discovering waste recycling technologies with growth potential, then develop and verify them through industry-academia-research collaboration to secure innovative technologies in the area of adding high value to waste resources, eco-friendly combustion, and reduction of carbon dioxide. We aim to become a circular economy designer that preemptively introduces and spreads optimized solutions based on C-tech (Clean·Climate·Carbon technologies) and leads the way in establishing the “future energy and carbon neutral value chain.” In 2023~24, we plan to collaborate with domestic and foreign CCU technology companies and review related regulations to launch a pilot project for building and operating a commercial plant to turn CO₂ into resources.

Energy Business

We aim to provide eco-friendly distributed energy solutions based on fuel cells and related core technologies, and produce and supply green hydrogen utilizing renewable energy.

에너지 테이블 (연료전지, 재생에너지, 수소, 에너지 솔루션)
Fuel Cell "We lead the hydrogen and fuel cell power generation market through fuel cell technology with the highest efficiency."

SK ecoplant seeks to lay the technical foundation for the hydrogen industry ecosystem and create an environment capable of reducing carbon emissions and supplying stable power. In cooperation with Bloom Energy, SK ecoplant successfully demonstrated fuel cells with direct hydrogen injection, and is making investments to enhance the efficiency of fuel cells and achieve technological independence. Besides, we are continuing our efforts such as capturing carbon emitted from natural gas-based fuel cells and supplying them to sources of demand for carbon such as smart farms, etc. to achieve carbon neutrality.

Hydrogen Energy "We aim to provide innovative solutions to establish a green hydrogen ecosystem by utilizing water electrolysis technology with the world’s highest level of performance."

After deeming that green hydrogen production technology is essential for lowering the Earth’s temperature, SK ecoplant is doing its best to develop a highly efficient hydrogen production system. SK ecoplant engaged in technical cooperation with Bloom Energy, which possesses world-class technologies, and has successfully demonstrated the SOEC water electrolysis system for the first time in Korea at the site of its joint venture Bloom SK Fuel Cell. Also, with the co-founding of Hydrogen Innovation Center (HIC), studies on optimizing and modularizing water electrolysis systems and BoP (Balance of Plant) facilities are underway. We are planning to produce green hydrogen and hydrogen compounds (ammonia, methanol) using the water electrolysis equipment (SOEC) in North America and Australia and conduct R&D and make investments in technology for the transport and utilization of hydrogen.

Renewable Energy "We aim to be reborn as a Total Energy Solution Provider based on domestic and overseas renewable energy assets and clean technologies."

To respond to today’s business environment where demand for renewable energy is rising rapidly, SK ecoplant has secured an optimum solution for supplying renewable energy. We plan to build up a leading position by securing technology and capability related to renewable energy such as acquiring expertise throughout the offshore wind power value chain and carrying out demonstration projects as well as developing solar power and internalizing module production technologies.

Energy Solution "We aim to lead the implementation of Net Zero and RE100 of our customers through the energy supply platform."

SK ecoplant aims for the integrated management of eco-friendly decentralized energy resources based on data technology. SK ecoplant invested in “ENCORED,” an IoT-based renewable energy big data service company, and plans to build an AI·cloud-based platform for optimized resource management and control.

Solution Business

We aim to become an eco-friendly space developer that can resolve issues related to climate change and environmental pollution and contribute to circular economy.

솔루션 테이블 (친환경 설계(주택), 친환경 설계(엔지니어링), 친환경 설계(플랜트), 친환경 소재 개발(솔루션))
Housing "We aim to contribute to carbon reduction through energy saving construction based on our capabilities in the energy and waste sectors."

SK ecoplant is establishing a Zero Energy Building solution and promoting the development of waste solution that can enhance the resource circulation of buildings. We are increasing the use of low-carbon and recycled materials to cut down the carbon emissions generated during the life cycle of a building, and concentrating on improving building energy efficiency in the maintenance and operation stage by applying highly efficient, high-performance passive and active technologies and new and renewable energy solutions. In addition, SK ecoplant is building sustainable housing models such as a columnar plan that can respond to new lifestyles.

Engineering "We will lead the reduction of environmental impacts through renovation and hone our capabilities as an eco-friendly EPC partner for clean energy projects."

SK ecoplant not only performs renovations for converting existing industrial facilities into eco-friendly facilities and but possesses the capabilities for establishing the industrial foundation of global corporations with world-class clean energy technologies. We plan to grow into a partner providing the no.1 solution in the global eco-friendly market as a trustworthy EPC partner of the SK Group and global clean energy companies.

Plant "We aim to provide technologies and solutions combining construction management technologies and elementary technologies."

SK ecoplant applies BIM (Building Information Modeling) and Pre-construction, an advanced construction management technique, and leads the collaboration of 3 parties, clients·construction companies·suppliers, from the design phase. In addition, we aim to optimize projects by utilizing various capabilities to enhance efficiency of construction. Moreover, SK ecoplant is looking for ways to respond to strengthened environmental regulations based on EPC solutions capabilities and data technologies, and contribute to achieving the vision of a circular economy by implementing a technology applied with the 3R (Reuse, Recycle, Reduce) concept regarding water treatment, air, energy, and materials.

Eco-friendly Material Development "We contribute to the resource circulation by developing construction materials made from recycled wastes."

SK ecoplant is in the process of commercializing eco-friendly materials in the area of construction solutions to achieve the recycling of wastes. We realize and spread the value of recycling by utilizing industrial and domestic wastes as raw materials for key construction materials. Specifically, GFRP reinforcing bars (KEco-bar) made of rPET resin and glass fiber, which can replace the existing steel bars, are recognized for having sufficient business competitiveness. Furthermore, SK ecoplant is planning to contribute to the resource circulation and carbon reduction by reusing harmful gases generated from incineration and landfill for hydrogen production.

SK ecoplant ‘Tech Hub’ Eco Lab Center

Eco Lab Center is an “eco-friendly R&D platform” under the direct control of the CEO. The Center conducts R&D of environmental and energy solutions to make SK ecoplant grow into a circular economy designer and connects technology development tasks performed by each business unit with outside stakeholders and internal relevant divisions.

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