Global Initiative


SK ecoplant is committed to tackling environmental and social issues including climate change and waste, and contributes to the sustainable development of the global society. In this respect, the ideologies and principles of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) have been incorporated into our business management. With the goal of achieving the ‘2040 Net Zero’ and Waste Zero declared by our company in 2021, we are promoting participation in initiatives closely related to the area of operation of our company and subsidiaries, such as responding to climate change and new and renewable energy.
SK ecoplant has been voluntarily participating in the CDP since 2016, which promotes our carbon reduction plan and climate change response through transparent disclosure in line with these goals. Also, since 2022, we began the process of application to the SBTi, a campaign that encourages companies to set science-based carbon neutral goals based on the 1.5°C scenario, which is also important for achieving SK ecoplant's 2040 Net Zero goal. Through the collaboration with ZWTL's certification company in 2022, we are promoting the development of a waste management digital platform and hope for this service to be utilized in Korea, laying the foundation for a virtuous cycle in the resource circulation ecosystem.
SK ecoplant will actively participate in these global initiatives to achieve our goals and to become an influential environmental company in the global society. In addition, considering the industrial impact, we have newly established an industrial initiative in 2022 with aims to build a sustainable industrial ecosystem under the name “Building a Value Enhancement Platform for a Sustainable Industrial Ecosystem.”


In 2022, we formed the Net Zero Transition Council and established systematic plans to achieve our Net Zero goal. By participating in the SBTi, we will be able to validate our net zero targets and measurement methodologies. In July 2022, we submitted a GHG reduction plan in line with SBTi’s requirements and, following verification, we aim to obtain approval for our submitted SBTi goal in 2023. This will serve as our basis for continuous management of our reduction activities from 2024. Moreover, we are planning for a 100% conversion to electric or hydrogen vehicles by 2030 through our participation in K-EV100, with targets of 3.2% by 2022, 30.6% by 2025, and 71% by 2028 through annual performance monitoring. In the future, SK ecoplant plans to expand its domestic and overseas partnerships to enhance the industry’s overall capacity for responding to climate change. To this end, we will cooperate with companies holding innovative technologies that can connect with our business model. Moreover, we will constantly accumulate relevant experiences and strengthen our implementation by establishing a new initiative* in 2022, expanding the partnerships for this initiative in 2023, and participating as an active member of global initiatives for the environment and energy sectors in 2024.


We have made voluntary disclosures through the CDP since 2014. In 2021, we were the only non-listed company in Korea to be recognized with a leadership grade (A-), receiving a Carbon Management Special Award. Moreover, we are transparently disclosing relevant information in accordance with the TCFD recommendations every year. In May 2022, we registered as a TCFD Supporter and announced our participation in the Korea TCFD Alliance later in June.

  • TCFD

  • CDP

  • SBTi

  • K-EV100


Building a Value Enhancement Platform for a Sustainable Industrial Ecosystem

As part of UN Sustainable Development Goal 17, SK ecoplant has set up a platform to connect public agencies, investment institutions, and SMEs under a common purpose for building a sustainable industrial ecosystem. This platform is an initiative established to lead ESG management and accelerate the implementation of a low-carbon economy across the industry in collaboration with participants. Under the auspices of SK ecoplant, a joint agreement for ‘building a value enhancement platform for a sustainable industrial ecosystem’ was signed on July 20, 2022, based on the cooperation of public, private and investment agencies. Through this, we are aiming to promote the creation of sustainable social values by linking technology innovation companies, the government, and investment institutions, and to build a sustainable community centering around the environment, new and renewable energy, and the solution industry. Going forward, we will further develop the platform as a leading industrial initiative to include more diverse participants from the public, private and investment sectors.

Collaborating institutions and participants: Chairman of the Win-Win Growth Committee, Gyeongbuk Creative Economy Innovation Center, Seoul Creative Economy Innovation Center, Yuanta Investment, SK ecoplant’s ECO Partners chairman group, and other governmental and investment agencies.