Global Initiatives

As an environmental, energy, and solution company, SK ecoplant is working hard to join in solving global social issues such as climate change and wastes and to contribute to the sustainable growth of the world. We are reflecting the ideologies and principles of the UN SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) in business management activities, and we intend to expand domestic and overseas initiatives and partnership activities to realize a circular economy and achieve the “2040 Net Zero” declared in 2021. Accordingly, we aim to participate actively in global initiatives closely associated with industrial areas we engage in together with subsidiaries, such as response to climate change and development of new and renewable energy. We also intend to achieve our goal as well as contribute to enhancing the capabilities of the industry to respond to climate change by cooperating with companies with innovative technologies that can be linked to our business model. Through this, we would like to take off as an environmental company making a positive impact on global society.

ESG Reporting SK ecoplant 2022 Sustainability Report