Tax Strategy

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SK ecoplant transparently and faithfully fulfills tax obligations under the relevant laws and regulations of jurisdictions where our projects are currently underway. Thorough management and supervision prevent domestic and overseas subsidiaries from any transfer of taxable income and tax evasion through the misuse of differences in global tax systems and tax laws. We have established related rules based on guidelines from international tax schemes and the OECD BEPS Project (preventing base erosion and profit shifting). Tax information of both domestic and overseas businesses is evaluated by annual audits conducted by an independent third party, while our tax strategies are established and updated each year to promptly reflect annual revisions in domestic and overseas tax laws. In addition, an external certified tax agent adjusts our annual taxes such that we calculate and pay taxes in compliance with the tax laws and statutory tax rates for each country in which we operate. To ensure transparency, tax-related information, including valid tax rates, is disclosed to all stakeholders through our audit reports and sustainability reports.


To fundamentally prevent crimes, such as tax evasion, that can occur in the process of expanding our global business and number of subsidiaries, we plan to reinforce our tax strategy and minimize related risks. To prevent omission of tax payments and pay taxes more efficiently, SK ecoplant will make consolidated tax payments with our subsidiaries. Amid the technological innovation of Industry 4.0 and the rapidly changing corporate environment, artificial intelligence (AI) and data technology (DT) will be used to achieve work automation and build a management system that minimizes tax risk.


Foreign Tax Owed in 2021

Foreign Tax Owed in 2021 테이블 (Region, Tax amount (KRW))
Region Tax amount (KRW)
Asia 5,737,331,252
Middle East 1,271,580,828
South America 406,056,916
North America 382,015,969
Europe 804,762,230
Total 8,601,747,195