Safety Management

We create a sustainable future where people, society and the environment will coexist.


SK ecoplant has established safety and health management policies to fulfill our management philosophy and decision-making guidelines. In 2022, we revised the guidelines to reflect changes in relevant laws. We newly appointed a Chief Safety Officer (CSO) in 2022 to strengthen the implementation of safety and health management, as well as to boost the expertise and independence of the CSO’s decision making on overall health and safety matters – such as the management system, organization and staff, and budgeting and execution. In addition, we have adopted a safety and health management system in line with domestic and international standards and, in turn, achieved ISO 45001 and KOSHA-MS certifications for all our business sites, taking the lead in building a safe work environment. Our safety and health policy applies to all our staff members, subcontractors, and workers subject to service consignment contracts, as well as in special employment types.
Moreover, safety and health plans are reported to the Board of Directors on an annual basis, and a safety advisory group was set up under the ESG Committee. In order to eradicate repetitive industrial accidents, we conducted a scientific analysis of serious construction industry accidents and are continuously upgrading our safety golden rules and resolving safety non-conformities. Through this, we are building a systematic framework for the effective operation of the safety and health management system based on quantitative data, as opposed to relying on conjecture. Further, a 4-tiered audit system exists to ensure stable on-site operations, and the audit results are used to grant clear incentives and penalties in order to achieve zero accidents across all our sites.

HQ Safety & Health Organization and Roles

본사 안전보건 조직과 역할에 관한 이미지 입니다. 자세한 설명은 하단 내용을 참고하세요.
CSO - 사업의 안전보건에 관한 업무 총괄
안전보건임원 - 안전보건 관리 체계 구축 및 이행
  • 안전보건기획팀 - 안전보건 인력 운영, 직무 역량, Biz Partner 관리
  • 안전보건진단팀(3개팀) - 안전보건 이행 여부 확인, 재해 관리
  • 안전DT팀 - 안전보건 업무 효율화, digatal 기술 도입

SK ecoplant Safety and Health Management Policy

Under the vision of enhancing happiness for our employees and stakeholders, SK ecoplant continues to upgrade our safety and health management system to a global level for the prevention of industrial accidents, becoming a role model for the industry.

  • 01

    We establish a safety and health management system for accident prevention and regularly check implementation, making revisions and improvements continuously.

  • 02

    We identify and eradicate the root causes of accidents to prevent the recurrence of identical or similar accidents.

  • 03

    We immediately implement safety and health-related improvements and orders for correction issued by government agencies.

  • 04

    We implement checks and improvements based on mandatory criteria stipulated by safety and health-related laws on a regular basis

윤장석 SK ecoplant CSO 2022.01.01

To enhance the level of safety and health at work, SK ecoplant ac-celerates the ‘digital transformation’, which is not limited to people and the management system, but covers a broader scope. Digita-lization is further expedited by using mobile applications for more efficient and effective safety management, as well as more effec-tive operation of safety sensors and integrated monitoring via the safety control center. To strengthen health management, SK ecoplant offers a wide range of support programs, including medical checkups and symptom management for all staff, including contract workers. Through this, we enhance our employees’ mental and physical health, help pre-vent them from catching diseases, and support our goal of achiev-ing zero accidents. Having divided key management areas into en-vironmental, mental, and physical categories, we have established policies to support the health of our employees while operating a program for preventing musculoskeletal disorders in order to pre-vent occupation-related ailments stemming from industrial char-acteristics. Moreover, comparisons are made using annual data of employees with positive symptoms found in medical checkups to understand the level of health management, and health campaigns are launched to raise employees’ awareness of health.

Employee Health Support & Prevention Policy

구성원 건강 지원 및 예방 정책 테이블 (중점 관리 영역 (근무환경, 심리건강, 신체건강), 중점 관리 방향, 세부 프로그램)
Core management area Core management direction Specific programs
Working Environment Create a healthy working environment and system to encourage healthy behaviors in daily life
  • Start a new, contact-free physical and mental health training program
  • Enhance user convenience by renewing the health administration office and gym
Mental Health Offer psychological counseling to take care of the mental health of employees and their family members
  • Provide psychological counseling to employees and their spouses and children who need such counseling
Physical Health Give medical checkups to diagnose disease early, and encourage follow-up management to protect and promote employee health
  • Provide health checkups for employees and their spouses
  • Offer health info & counseling to all with positive findings
  • Increase the medical checkup expense limit for on-site workers younger than 35


Having set a goal of achieving zero serious accidents, SK ecoplant has implemented lost time incident rate (LTIR) as a management indicator. In 2021, we achieved an LTIR of 0.339, and from 2022, the average annual reduction in general accidents adopted by leading overseas companies will be applied to reduce LTIR by 22% by 2025. Based on this figure, we have set an LTIR goal of 0.24 or less for 2022.

Safety & Health Improvement Roadmap

안전보건 개선 로드맵 테이블 (목표 (중대재해(Fatality), 근로손실재해율(LTIR)*, 건강검진 지원 확대), 단위, 2022, 2023, 2024)
Goal Unit 2022 2023 2024
Serious Accident (Fatality) No. 0 0 0
Lost Time Incident Rate (LTIR)* - 0.24 or less Annual reduction of 22% by 2025
Broader Access to Checkups - Increase checkup expenses for on-site workers younger than 35 Dispatched workers scheduled to receive checkups

* LTIR: no. of lost time incidents x 200,000/work hours


01. Upgrading the Management System

관리시스템 업그레이드에 관한 테이블 (리더십, 예산, 의식 수준, 재발 방지, 관리 시스템, 안전보건 상생 문화, 안전보건 역량 강화)
  • Enhance and design the safety and health performance evaluation system
  • Inspect and evaluate the CSO’s management system
  • Grant the CSO separate budgetary authority
  • Organization capable of promptly enforcing accident prevention and legal compliance
Level of Awareness
  • Maintain an education and training system
  • Check the completion of training programs via mobile applications and notification of non-conformities in real time
Recurrence Prevention
  • Biannual check of the appropriateness and implementation of recurrence prevention measures
Management System
  • Resolve harmful risk factors through data analysis
  • Specify mandatory compliance guidelines for high-risk tasks
Win-win Culture for Safety and Health
  • Take prompt actions in real time when business partners propose harmful risk factors
  • Respect the opinions of business partners on accident prevention
Boosting Safety and Health Competency
  • Conduct safety competency evaluations of business partners at each stage of registration, bidding, execution and renewal
  • Carry out quarterly safety competency evaluations on all business partners and disclose the results

02. Broader Convergence of Digital Technologies

Viewing safety and health management activities as an investment, not as a cost, SK ecoplant expands the convergence of digital technologies and continuously upgrades related technologies in order to prevent accidents. We seek to lead our industry’s advancement of technological innovation in safety and health management. To this end, we analyze the intensity and frequency of safety accidents to identify harmful risk factors and make improvements by introducing more effective digital technologies, thereby expediting our commitment to accident prevention.

디지털 기술 접목 확대에 관한 테이블 (타워크레인 안전센서, 중량물 안전센서, 컨베이어벨트 안전센서, 밀폐공간 안전센서)
Tower Crane Safety Sensor Generation of alarms and automatic stoppage in case tower cranes get closer to each other within the range of motion
Heavy Material Safety Sensor Blocking worker access to areas under heavy materials through alarm generation when a heavy material is moving
Conveyer Belt Safety Sensor Object recognition and automatic stoppage in case a person comes close to a conveyer belt
Closed Space Safety Sensor Automatic alarm and warning in case the oxygen concentration drops

In November 2021, SK ecoplant developed a mobile application (Serious for safety, so relax) that was applied to all our business sites to reinforce the safety behaviors of all workers and enhance work efficiency. The company automatically provides accident risk and safety rules customized to each task type in real time and promotes the participation of all workers, including our employees, in removing harmful risk factors, thus fully ensuring the establishment of site-centered safety and health management. As of the first half of 2022, the registration of our five domestic patents was finalized while the application for a PCT (Patent Cooperation Treaty) with about 150 countries was completed. All workers are required to check safety compliance details via our “relax” app’s QR code, while all managers and workers conduct risk assessments before the start of work every day. Using the QR code, we check, inspect and remedy harmful and dangerous work, and the results are automatically saved in the app, meeting our legal obligations. Through monitoring of safety training programs, we manage the progress of the programs and take corrective actions if they are not completed, as well as offering programs to HQ managers who have newly transferred to their positions. In addition, any harmful risk issues raised by workers are immediately notified to the on-site safety and health control groups and HQ in real time.

Pre-Alert System (IT system)

SK ecoplant is the first in the industry to have built the Pre-Alert System (PRS), an IT system which analyzes potential harmful risk factors at sites and gives warnings in advance via an online system. We run the system under our safety and health control group. The HQ’s safety and health control group uses data collected through mobile apps and CCTVs at all business sites to set up and operate a prior warning system. When a warning alarm goes off, communication takes place instantly on-site via CCTVs and mobile video systems, and the entire procedure is recorded and managed from start to finish. In the case of an emergency, the group serves as a risk management control tower, responsible for the general on-site command and supervision of the crisis and fully dedicated to promptly dealing with the situation.

03. Management of Serious Accidents

SK ecoplant conducts thorough investigations to identify causes of accidents and to take measures for prevention of recurrence. Thanks to such efforts, we achieved zero serious accidents in 2021. In addition, we plan to review our overall safety and health management activities, such as the management system, human resources and organizations, and budget, in order to remove any loopholes in our systems and continuously improve their level of completion. Emergency training exercises are implemented at every site, while training exercises for fire, explosion and collapse are held depending on the conditions of each site.

* Investigation is underway regarding a fatal accident of a worker from one of our suppliers in 2021.

04. Violations and Actions

SK ecoplant is dedicated to establishing the management of safety and health compliance. In 2021, nevertheless, three violations occurred at a project site, resulting in a summary order (fine). To improve the management of safety and health compliance in 2022, a checklist was prepared to prevent the recurrence of such issues at the site by analyzing previous violations. Also, complementary actions are taken for the safety and health audit system, including the management system as a whole, in order to enhance our compliance management capabilities at our project sites.

05. Spreading a Culture of Safety

At SK ecoplant, a safety and health workshop is held once a month under the auspices of the CSO to verify the effectiveness of our overall safety and health management activities. Domestic and overseas on-site staff also can participate and make suggestions, in person, to the CSO on issues requiring action to raise the level of safety and health management at project sites. Furthermore, the ‘Good Impact Reward‘ is granted to each project, aiming to raise employees’ awareness of safety and health, which could, in turn, encourage employees to take self-initiated preventive actions.

06. Health Support for Employees

To promote employee health, SK ecoplant offers a wide range of support programs for prevention, health enhancement, and management of symptoms to all staff, including contract workers. Programs for proactive health management are also provided to those with positive symptoms to help them deal with cancer prevention and manage cerebrovascular ailments and metabolic syndrome, thus providing efficient health management to all employees. Beginning in 2022, we introduced a mental care program, which is available not only to employees themselves, but their spouses and children. Also, our overseas employees are provided with personal safety services to protect them from unexpected accidents, diseases, and security issues.

07. On-site Health Activities

To prevent potential on-site occupational ailments, SK ecoplant runs a prevention program for musculoskeletal disorders, including improvement of hand tools, enhancement of existing work methods, and provision of protective gear, by analyzing working conditions that negatively affect the human body. Coupled with medical checkups, we measure harmful working conditions such as noise and dust throughout all our business sites, and continuously remove embedded potential risks.

08. Response to COVID-19

SK ecoplant established and implemented company-wide quarantine rules to minimize losses from COVID-19 and to protect the health of our employees and stakeholders. From the outset of the pandemic, a Team “War Room” dedicated to pandemic-related matters was set up to operate a rapid reporting system in the face of infections detected at our office buildings and sites, as well as to conduct preemptive inspections of vulnerable groups to contain the spread of infection. Further, we successfully established a smart work culture by expanding work from home, flexible work hours, and remote work. Moreover, we systematically implemented a wide range of preemptive quarantine measures such as regular preventive disinfection, gate temperature checks, a two-shift cafeteria, distribution of masks, and installation of dividers. We ordered evacuations of employees when infections were confirmed, and even now, as of July, 2022, preemptive examinations are being conducted to curb the possibility of group infections. For staff infected with COVID-19, the Happy Care Program closely monitors their health, helps them recover, and provides psychological counseling to them and their families. Amid the prolonged COVID-19 pandemic, SK ecoplant puts the safety of our employees, business partners and customers first and strives to promote various activities to overcome the crisis and bring the community back to normal.

09. Safety and health management certification