Safety & Health

SK ecoplant is striving to be equipped with a safety and health management system at a global level by making the safety of all employees a top priority. We have prepared safety and health management policies and specified our management philosophy and decision-making guidelines regarding safety and health, and we are revising detailed guidelines when necessary, to accord with the changes in the latest regulatory environment.

SK ecoplant’s Safety and Health Management Policy

Under the vision of enhancing happiness for our employees and stakeholders, SK ecoplant continues to upgrade our safety and health management system to a global level for the prevention of industrial accidents, becoming a role model for the industry.

  • 01

    We establish a safety and health management system for accident prevention and regularly check implementation, making revisions and improvements continuously.

  • 02

    We identify and eradicate the root causes of accidents to prevent the recurrence of identical or similar accidents.

  • 03

    We immediately implement safety and health-related improvements and orders for correction issued by government agencies.

  • 04

    We implement checks and improvements based on mandatory criteria stipulated by safety and health-related laws on a regular basis

윤장석 SK ecoplant CSO 2022.01.01

HQ Safety & Health Organization and Roles

SK ecoplant’s Chief Safety Officer (CSO) oversees the overall safety and health duties and makes independent decisions in the areas requiring safety and health expertise, such as establishment of a safety and health management system, operation of organization and staff, budgeting and execution, etc. SK ecoplant has included serious accident prevention in the KPI of the management, including the CSO, to strengthen safety and health responsible management. Meanwhile, the Safety and Health Division is regularly checking the safety and health operation results, while working hard to improve the safety and health indicators, and reporting the company’s safety and health operation results and plans to the Board of Directors on an annual basis. The Board of Directors is monitoring safety issues through the “safety advisory group” under the ESG Committee.

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CSO - 사업의 안전보건에 관한 업무 총괄
안전보건임원 - 안전보건 관리 체계 구축 및 이행
  • 안전보건기획팀 - 안전보건 인력 운영, 직무 역량, Biz Partner 관리
  • 안전보건진단팀(3개팀) - 안전보건 이행 여부 확인, 재해 관리
  • 안전DT팀 - 안전보건 업무 효율화, digatal 기술 도입

Employee Health Support & Prevention Policy

SK ecoplant works hard to promote the mental·physical health of its employees by classifying the employees’ health care areas into environmental·mental·physical categories. We operate the corporate health care office, dental clinic, and fitness center to manage the work environment of our employees, and provide a ‘mental care program’ for employees and their spouses and children to manage mental health. Furthermore, SK ecoplant regularly measures and evaluates the level of factors harmful to health, such as harmful chemical substances, noise, and dust, by performing work environment measurements on all business sites, and setting up and implementing improvement measures from an engineering·managerial·educational perspective. Besides this, we provide personal safety services for our employees working overseas to protect them from diseases, accidents, and security issues.

ESG Reporting SK ecoplant 2022 Sustainability Report