What is Global Compliance Program (CP)?

SK ecoplant strives to create a fair and law-abiding management environment by declaring its will to eradicate illegal acts and legislation in the process of promoting or carrying out overseas projects.

Compliance Program operation

SK ecoplant established the Global Compliance Program to confirm its will for anti-corruption overseas and to implement it effectively and efficiently. The CP is a series of procedures designed to promote ethical behaviors and voluntary compliance with the laws by company members, and is being operated in a way to establish the company's compliance culture.

  • Need for CP operation

    Reinforcing sanctions against global corruption and increasing demands for anti-corruption from clients and Biz.partners

    Preemptive prevention and systematic response to legal/contractual risks

  • Operational direction

    Spreading anti-corruption culture within the company

    Blocking compliance risks arising from transactions with Biz Partners

    Introducing the company's overseas anti-corruption activities to the public

  • Expected impacts

    Enhancing company credibility

    Securing the survival of the company in the global market

    Continuously evolving and developing, and ultimately improving corporate value

Global Compliance Organization

Global Compliance Activities

Management's declaration of
Anti-corruption commitment
Through the CEO Message, we expressed the strong will of the management to comply with overseas anti-corruption laws.
Overseas Anti-
corruption regulations
We enacted 'Regulations for Compliance with Foreign Corrupt Practices Act' stipulating specific standards and procedures for the company's executives and employees to follow in order to comply with overseas anti-corruption laws. By enacting the 'Joint Venture Rules for Compliance with the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act' and the 'Partner Rules for Compliance with the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act', we are carrying out business activities with our ethical Biz. partners in a transparent and law-abiding manner.
Due Diligence on Biz. Partners By conducting due diligence on Biz. partners and requesting a written commitment to comply with overseas anti-corruption laws, we minimize the company's risks due to third-party corruption.
Education program We provide regular overseas anti-corruption training for our executives and employees, and frequently provide differentiated training tailored to business divisions, projects, or positions.
Internal Control System SK ecoplant obliges any of SK employees to consult the International Compliance Task Force in advance whenever they would involve in a possible violation of the compliance issue in carrying out international projects. Employees can do anonymously report on violations of international anti-corruption laws to the Anti-Corruption Compliance Task Force when they find them.