Human Capital Development

We create a sustainable future where people, society and the environment will coexist.


SK ecoplant values its employees not just as human resource but as the core asset and critical competitiveness of the company.
Based on the Pathfinding Center, we discover the potential of our members and nurture them to expand individual capabilities into the company’s competitiveness.

Pathfinding Center, happiness management platform supporting the growth of our members

Pathfinding Center is a happiness management platform that improves organizational operation effectiveness and supports the growth of employees through investment in people. With the goal of 'making HR (Human Resource) into HC (Human Capital)’, SK Ecoplant operates fostering human capital that will lead the future of SK ecoplant as a mission based on essential research on organization and people.

Secure Human Capital

To internalize the identity of eco-friendly companies, we run a constant fostering program for all members' eco-friendly mindset and basic skills. We define the necessary competencies for eco-friendly leaders and implement a step-by-step and customized training program to secure them.
Pathfinding Center provides a comprehensive solution for discovering/selecting/securing/disposing outstanding talents to secure human assets that can add value to eco-friendly businesses.

  • Discover/select outstanding talents Discover/select outstanding talents

    Use organization diagnosis, member counseling, long-term high performance pool and internal mobility platform

  • Implement Talent acquisition Intensive nurturing strategy Implement Talent acquisition Intensive nurturing strategy

    Secure core competence through implementing Rskill and Upskill program
    Secure New Skill through securing outstanding talents

  • Right placement of qualified/talented personnel Right placement of qualified/talented personnel

    Placement/utilization for required fields

Create an optimizing organization (Team A)

Pathfinding Center conducts three-dimensional organization diagnosis based on optimized organizational modeling.
Using the organization diagnosis methodology (Mckinsey 7s Model), we derive solutions for creating competitive advantage based on in-depth analysis of strategy, structure, system, organizational culture, leadership, and core competencies of members’ capabilities,


Treasure map counseling for the members

Pathfinding Center plays a role as a guide to provide the right and accurate growth path through the diagnosis and coaching from internal and external experts on the happiness project plan (treasure map) established by the members themselves.
SK ecoplant calls this 'Treasure map counseling' and operates two courses to provide customized counseling for the members.

First, individual development course is counseling that focuses on 'person who I am' and finds job suitability through diagnosis of each individual’s character and job aptitude.
Second, career development course is counseling that focuses on the 'person who I will be' and provides career design coaching such as career guidance to the members with clear goals.

All SK ecoplant members can receive the counseling by selecting courses, if want.
Pathfinding Center provides three services, which are operated together with internal· external One Team Operation (OTO) partners.

Pathfinding Center OTO

Pathfinding Center
OTO Partner
Pathfinding execution strategy-based key OTO Partner DCC, standard modeling set-up
Setting up the initial complex OTO
Collaboration on pathfinding strategy-related analysis and operational system-building
Identifying the requirements for in-depth analysis of organizations/employees
Developing the test content
Customizing test tools and content to the pathfinding requirements
Setting the subject and schedule for testing and interviewing leaders and staff
Implementing tests/interviews
Offering on-/off-line test services
Data analysis for in-depth analysis of test results, and deducing and feedback on the significance
Analysis and feedback on test results
Providing test results and feedback
Rebuilding the organization / In & Out decision-making/ Execution / Recruitment/replacement/ redeployment
Putting solutions into action
Planning and executing a nurturing plan / Measuring and enhancing / happiness levels / Organizational Workshop / Coaching & Counseling / Provide Human Resources Development Knowledge / Provide professional training programs