Human Resource Management

SK ecoplant has introduced and operates a ‘preemptive demand forecast management’ system to acquire excellent talents in line with business portfolio transition. We hire talents through various channels such as internship-linked recruitment, ongoing hiring, and expert target recruitment to secure manpower with strong professional expertise and leadership in new business areas, while also operating the talented staff development program internally. At the same time, we are implementing policies and programs to enhance diversity within the organization and strengthen competitiveness by expanding the recruitment of people with disabilities and foreigners, and securing gender diversity in leadership positions. SK ecoplant carries out various training programs by position·competency level for the growth of our employees. Especially as we are expanding our portfolio from the existing EPC-centered business model to environmental·energy business lines, the direction of employee nurturing is reported to the Board of Directors every year and formulated based on feedback, and we are upgrading Competency Development Program for constant growth of employees. Moreover, SK ecoplant provides various programs in terms of improving ‘work-personal growth balance and work-family life balance’ to fulfill employees’ voluntary and responsible work performance. We provide flexible work environments where employees can concentrate on their work regardless of time and place, such as flexible working hours, work from home, and hot desking. We are also expanding systems that can support the growth of our employees by providing mySUNI, supporting graduate school program, and language programs for employees. We take into account that items requiring support are becoming diversified by age group of employees from the aspect of the work-family life balance. We are actively running maternity·paternity protection programs by expanding maternity and paternity leave and establishing a pregnancy-childbirth support system, and in addition, we are operating various family-friendly benefit policies. Furthermore, SK ecoplant identifies the effectiveness of various programs for business management focused on employees’ happiness by conducting the annual ‘Culture Survey’ on employees, with the analyzed results being reflected on our policies and programs.

ESG Reporting SK ecoplant 2022 Sustainability Report