The Board of Directors (BOD)

Although the company is not a listed company with no obligation of appointing an outside director, the majority of all directors (4 out of 7) are outside directors so as to enhance transparency and independence of corporate governance and to implement practical and Board-led corporate responsibility management. The company introduced the corporate governance charter in 2021 to further strengthen the board-led management. While ensuring independence, professionalism, and diversity of corporate governance, the company appointed a senior outside director, enabling him to play his roles on an equal footing with the CEO.

Moreover, the company newly established the 'ESG Committee' to review strategies, investments, and core business activities, and the 'Human Resources Committee' to review nomination of outside directors for appointment, evaluation of CEO’s activities, and assessment and compensation of inside directors. In addition, the company will continue to innovate corporate governance and increase its value further by making 2021 the first year of upgrading the corporate governance, such as strengthening the Audit committee’s functions and transparently opening essential management-related information to the public.

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Current Activities of the BOD

Current Activities of the BOD Table (Date, Agenda, Voting Status, Attendance of Outside Directors)
Date Agenda Voting Status Attendance of Outside Directors
2021.07.26 Acquisition of stocks Approved 4/4
Investing in the Environmental Business Fund. Approved
2021.06.24 Approval of large-scale goods/service transactions with related parties Approved 4/4
Establishment of PF debt guarantee limit in second half of 21st year Approved
Establishment of long-term borrowing and corporate bond issuance limits for the second half of 21 years Approved
Executive indemnity liability insurance subscription Approved
Acquisition of stocks Approved
2021.06.02 Acquisition of company C's stocks Approved (opposition: Outside director Yoon-Mo Kim) 4 / 4
2021.05.27 Amendment of regulations including BOD regulations Approved 4 / 4
Disposal of treasury stocks Approved
Acquisition of stocks of company S and company D Approved
Acquisition of Company D's stocks Approved
2021.04.22 Disposal of treasury stocks Approved 4 / 4
Appointment of members for Audit Committee Approved
Report on current status of major management Report
2021.03.26 Enactment of the Corporate Governance Charter Approved 4 / 4
Revision of BOD regulations Approved
Establishment of expert committee Approved
Appointment of members for expert committee Approved
Convocation of extraordinary general meeting of shareholders and resolution on the base date Approved
2021 Compliance Program (CP) Operation Plan Report
2021.03.04 Convocation of the 59th regular general meeting of shareholders and adoption of additional agenda Approved 4 / 4
Introduction of electronic voting system at general meeting of shareholders Approved
Appointment of 'Chief Compliance Officer' for Compliance Program Approved
Deal with the Pinx Approved
Evaluation report on current operation status of 2020 internal accounting management system Report
2021.02.04 2021 Safety/Health Plan Approved 4 / 4
Approval of 2020 financial statements and business reports Approved
Report on the operating status of the internal accounting management system for 2020 Report
Disposal of treasury stocks Report
Major Management Issues Report
2021.01.07 Signing of contract on SK TNS stock purchase Approved 4 / 4
Financing for the sale of SK TNS Approved
Capital increase related to acquisition of the remaining shares of YS Tec Approved