Fair Trade

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01 Compliance Program

Compliance Program (C.P.) refers to a fair trade law compliance program and is a systematic procedure instituted by companies in order to ensure voluntary compliance with the fair trade laws and regulations.
In voluntary compliance with fair trade laws and regulations, SK E&C has enacted bylaws for the operation of a fair trade compliance program. In 2008, the CEO’s strong commitment to the compliance program propelled the adoption of seven key elements. In October 2019, these elements grew to eight key elements in step with the revision to the “Fair Trade Compliance Program Operation Guidelines” made by the Fair Trade Commission.

Compliance Program

02 Compliance Program Expected Effectiveness for the CP

Compliance Program

03 Compliance Program Current status of the CP operation

Since introduction of the CP in 2008, SK ecoplant has been operating a variety of programs focusing on the eight key elements such as fair-trade education and fair-trade activity inspection, to voluntarily comply with fair trade-related laws.

2021 July Issuing regular newsletter (CP Letter) on CP operation.
June CEO’s participation in the 'Charity Corporate Agreement Ceremony'
May Completing the subcontract document survey (12,901 cases)
April Reorganizing the Compliance Office under the direct control of the CEO: Education on cases of compliance with Subcontracting Act (total of 311 people completed)
Education on cases of compliance with Subcontracting Act (total of 311 people completed)
Signing a pledge to practice Fair Trade Compliance Program
Signing a fair-trade agreement with Biz-Partners
CEO’s message _ Demand to comply with global Compliance
March Conducting online education for unfair special agreements & written issuance (total of 3,581 people completed)
Appointing the Chief Compliance Officer through the board of directors’ resolution
Launching 'Kakao Talk Open Chat’ for an ethical management reporting channel
Major Activities
2020 Producing the Guide for on-site manual and introducing a review process
TDMS (Technical Data Management System) efficiency
2019 Establishing and operating TDMS (Technical Data Management System)
CEO’s message_ emphasis on CP
2018 CEO’s message_ Calling for CP
2017 CEO’s message_ Calling for CP
3rd Revision of CP handbooks
2016 CEO’s Message_ Calling for CP
1st Request for CP Pledge
CEO’s Message _Calling for CP
2015 2015: 2nd Revision of CP handbooks
CEO’s Message_ Calling for CP
Revision of CP operational regulations and rules
2011 1st revision of CP handbooks
CEO’s Message_ Calling for CP
2008 1st edition of the CP handbook enacted
CEO’s Message_ Calling for CP
Introducing Compliance Program
2007 Establishing regulations and rules for CP operation