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01 SK ecoplant Chief Compliance Officer

The Chief Compliance Officer of SK ecoplant is appointed through the CEO’s recommendation and the Board of Directors (BOD)’ resolution in accordance with the 'fair trade voluntary compliance program operation regulations'. The appointed CCO is entrusted responsibility and authority for CP operation, and independently oversees the CP operation.

Chief Compliance Officer

* Video clip to introduce the Chief Compliance Officer

Duties of Chief Compliance Officer
  • 1. Carrying out CP Operation and management
  • 2. Establishment of a plan related to CP
  • 3. Education on competition laws and CP
  • 4. Conducting monitoring of the implementation of CP
  • 5. Analyzing competition law violations and seeking improvement, corrective and preventive measures
  • 6. Determining the level of sanctions for violators of competition laws and requesting for a review by the Reward and Punishment Review Committee
  • 7. Reporting to the BOD with respect to CP-related activities and issues
  • 8. Requesting for CP oath of all executives and employees
  • 9. Other matters deemed necessary by the BOD

Article 5 of the CP Operational Regulations

Authority of Chief Compliance Officer
  • 1. Right to oversee the CP operation
  • 2. Right to request submission of data and information needed for performing duties
  • 3. Investigation and reporting rights on competition law violators and violations
  • 4. Right to correct and improve cases that violate competition laws
  • 5. Other authority deemed necessary by the BOD

Article 6 of the CP Operational Regulations

02 Appointment of SK ecoplant’s Chief Compliance Officer

03 Compliance Office

SK ecoplant's Compliance Office is directly under the CEO and assists the Chief Compliance Officer to carry out the Compliance Program.