Safety Health

We create a sustainable future where people, society and the environment will coexist.

Setting out the basic principles of safety and health which reflects the CEO’s philosophy of safety and health, SK ecoplant strives to achieve Zero safety accident incidence, to fulfill corporate social responsibility by creating safe and healthful workplace, as well as to pursue the happiness of employees, customers, partner companies and various relevant parties so that unwaveringly guards the safety of our society upholding the safety& health as the top priority value.

Principles of Safety & Health Management

  • 01 Leadership

    Shall place the safety and health as the top priority in decision-making in any and all management activity.
    Shall consistently pronounce the will and determination to safety and health management, take initiative in management practice, and encourage all employees to voluntarily participate and proactively practice in safety and health management activities so to ensure the execution ability.

  • 02 Safety and Health Organization

    Shall establish safety and health management system and continues to upgrade so to clearly identify and proactively eliminate the risk factors.

  • 03 Whole organization

    Shall lay out the safety and health goals in link with the corporate vision and strategies, and shall make utmost efforts to attain the goals so to see the realization of the safety and health management policy.

  • 04 All employees

    Shall strictly comply with the relevant safety & health regulations and corporate rules, and shall not proceed to perform work not until the safety is secured on site.

  • 05 All relevant parties

    Shall work together with mutual respect to see the safety and health practice settled in daily activities and to make ZERO accident realized.