Safety Health

We create a sustainable future where people, society and the environment will coexist.

To prevent occurrence of safety health incident/accident through the system management, SK Ecoplant has established core management components and incorporated them into the safety and health management system.
And under the CEO leadership, we are making/operating the strategies to further reinforce the execution abilities built on the safety and health leadership in each division.
SK ecoplant has built a virtuous cycle of ‘Plan-Do-Check-Act’ which can continue to be complemented and upgraded through periodic safety and health audits.

Theater OTO Operation

SK ecoplant is operation Theater OTO (T-OTO) 365 days directly under the CEO leadership so that any adverse safety event in projects could be prevented from the first place.
To that, CCTV, wearable cameras, and Drones are utilized for real-time monitoring specific tasks and safety health activities on project sites, and job with high risk, weather and disease information, disaster occurrence are collected and the minute when a sign of danger is detected, SK ecoplant is working with the project and try to stop the adverse event from happening.

Strengthening QSHE leadership in business divisions

SK ecoplant has advanced the safety and health assessment system in business division so that it could settle down as one of core values of SK ecoplant. Quantitative data-based safety and health assessment items are incorporated with KPIs of each business division and project so that if predictable, safety accident can be pre-empted.
And the safety and health organization in HQ provides risk factors specific to business division and project on weekly basis, which has contributed to One Team Operation between the business division and Safety and Health Organization.

Improving Biz Partner safety and health management

To improve safety and health management of Biz partners, SK ecoplant has changed into quantitative evaluation from the previous qualitative evaluation regarding Biz. Partner safety health evaluation system. Biz. Partners with good performance are offered with realistic and effective incentives such as preferential treatment in bidding, those Biz partner with areas of improvement are applied with solid disciplinary actions so to raise awareness.
Especially in the safety area, as of June 2020, we have adopted a new system of safety golden rules, which Biz Partners would be requested to follow to keep serious accident off. On the one hand, SK ecoplant has run various health programs by themes to promote health of employees for the Biz. Partners, such as Stop-smoking support program, obesity prevention program, and work-related MSD (Musculoskeletal Disorders) prevention program, which persistently occurs to those working in construction industry.

Safety Assurance Platform

SK ecoplant has constructed ‘Safety Assurance Platform’ to promote workplace safer by completing the standard model for the digital based safety management.
The Safety Assurance Platform targets to establish Data based safety management standard process which induces unspecified employees towards safety behaviors. The official launching of Safety Assurance Platform is going to be in 2021.
In the Safety Assurance Platform is where workers and managers jointly check risk factors, and take actions including analysis, checkup, and improvement and immediate corrective actions. This will enable real time organic communications between CEO – HQ -onsite, which contribute to realization of the value of ‘Safety First’ everywhere.