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Management Activity

SK ecoplant sets goals to realize customer satisfaction and maximize the company's profits, a system that analyzes and feedbacks execution, confirmation, and results is the basis of company management.

Knowledge capacity building

In line with expansion of business size and area of SK ecoplant, the company develops various contents for education regarding quality, quality is recognized/embodied as a core value through operation considering effectiveness.

  • Quality capacity training for employees

    Quality training for employees

    The training program which called “my SUNI” is operated to develop the mindset toward quality management and acquire the knowledge related to quality control. It is composed of online lectures, so that all employee can be easily accessed from both site at domestic and abroad.

IT System

SK ecoplant enables efficient work via IT system to monitor the quality and participation of all employees, and continuously complements and improves the system according to changes in the management environment and the needs of employees.

  • e-QMS, Quality Management System

    Computerization of quality management activities
    • Increased efficiency of quality control and computerized management of quality record
    Communication tool between the head office and PJT
    • Prompt communication by real-time monitoring of PJT activities on quality
  • e-QMS Quality management system

    COPQ (Cost of Poor Quality)
    • To secure execution ability for COPQ calculation, improvement, and performance verification of all PJTs, all employee are registered and managed in the Web-based system(e-QMS).
  • Standard management system

    Integrated management of standard documents in the company
    • Enhanced access to internal standard documents by employees
    • Continuous tracking of internal standard documents
  • LL Database

    Sharing the PJT success and failure cases
    • Database of success and failure cases that occurred during the PJT operation
    • Knowledge sharing and COPQ prevention standard management system for future PJT