Social Contribution

We create a sustainable future where people, society and the environment will coexist.

  • Guided by the slogan 'Build the Green', SK ecoplant’s social contribution activities are concentrated on addressing environmental problems and bridging divides that impede sustainability of society.
  • We will continuously carry out our sincere social contribution activities such as our 'Forest Damage Restoration Activities'. 'Happy Green School', and 'Activities for improving housing in eco-friendly way' and to provide all employees with an opportunity to share happiness with local residents.
Build the Green
Express the will to solve social problems
in the construction company's unique behavioral way
show our aim through green color, the
representative color for a clean environment
Environment friendly Air / Water quality / Protect ecosystem, enhance environment-friendly awareness, support the vulnerable
Environmental protection Forest damage restoration
Enhance environmental awareness Environmental education for elementary school students
Support the vulnerable Eco-friendly activities for improving housing conditions
Transparency / Autonomy / FUN