Social Contribution

We create a sustainable future where people, society and the environment will coexist.

  • Ontact event - Sharing a meal

    SK ecoplant and BGF Retail together used the CU lunch box delivery system to deliver lunch boxes cooked on the day of the delivery to the seniors who worried about feeding themselves due to COVID-19. A total of 9,366 CU lunch boxes were delivered to 699 elderly people who use five welfare centers (Gongneung, Wolgye, Pyeongwha, Sanggye, and Bookboo Social Welfare Center) located in Nowon-gu.

  • Delivering the donation raised from Happiness walking challenge

    To inspire the sense of accomplishment and spread positive energy in a depressed atmosphere caused by COVID-19, this is a program that links the daily walking exercise and sponsorship for SK ecoplant’s members. In four weeks, the members achieved a total of 200 million steps and raised a total of 20 million won from SK ecoplant. The money raised was donated to the 'Mobility assistive device supporting project for improving social activities of disabled children' led by the Seoul Metropolitan Government.

  • Volunteer work of housing environment improvement for happiness space

    Starting with the "Aid Event for adolescent heads of family." in April 2006, SK ecoplant conducted housing condition improvement activities for lower-income families, including those who are eligible for sponsorship from Hope Maker, at four customer centers (customer centers in Seoul, metropolitan area, and Youngnam· Honam regions) nationwide. Each customer center selected target households in consultation with local community welfare centers such as Hope Maker cooperation organizations and provided clean residential spaces through construction such as painting, flooring, and wall tile construction focusing on the areas that need urgent improvement. In addition, we have participated in SK Happiness Sharing Season Hope On project every winter since 2015, and also conducted housing improvement activities for the energy poor by installing boilers and wall insulation to keep low-income families warm in winter. By December of 2017, the Construction Work HQ of the Construction & Housing Business Division of SK ecoplant had renovated a total of 470 houses, for which they received several appreciation plaques, such as a commendation from the Ministry of Health and Welfare. In 2021, the program of housing improvement for low-income families was further upgraded and expanded its scope to the public facilities from the previous housing. Due to the aging building condition, frequent leaking occurred to the 'Small School near the Railway (children & youth community care center)', which waterproof work and painting were done as part of repairing.

  • Hope Maker

    All members of SK ecoplant grouped by the corporate division and team makes a pledge with 380 children/young adults from low-income working families in Gangnam, Guro, Dongjak, Seongdong, Seongbuk, and Junggu. This involves not only economic supports but also psychological and moral support in long term. They have a regular meeting every month. And there are programs for the talent development and emergencies which are called for housing condition improvement or medical care, ensuring that children/youth grow into decent member of the society.

  • Happy Green School

    Since 2009, the Happy Green School program has sent employees of SK ecoplant to local schools as one-day environmental teachers. The employees provide environmental education. For its excellence in teaching children and adolescents the value of the environment and the necessity of conservation, the program was certified as an environmental education program by the Ministry of Environment. Started in 2009 from elementary schools in Seoul, it has been expanded to all elementary schools across Korea. Furthermore, since 2014, SK ecoplant have expanded the Happy Green School program to elementary schools in its oversees construction projects such as Vietnam. Until 2019, 65172 children in 625 schools received the program. In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic put a halt to the program.

  • Happiness-sharing charity race

    The SK ecoplant Marathon Club holds a “happiness-sharing charity race” twice a year since 2006. The accumulated donation amounts to KRW 300 million, and so far, the fund has been used to re-forestation projects and to help low-income families, in particular those with multicultural background pay for foods and bills, school uniforms and education. On January of 2017, The Club along with Hope Maker, being recognized for the steady contributions and sharing with the low-income families, was awarded the Commendation from the Minister of the Interior and Safety of Korea. For the Commendation, the citizens directly involve in process of identification and recommendation of unsung heroes in the society, and the government awards the Commendation for sake of appreciation and encouragement.

  • One Mountain, One Reiver, One Road Movement

    Employees at different sites of the corporate across the nation are working diligently to protect the natural beauty surrounding them. They consult with local governments to select a mountain, river, and road near their site to maintain regularly by planting trees and building bird cages, etc. Also, the employees working in the head office engage in cleaning activities, such as picking up garbage around tourist attractions and cleaning up rivers and streams.

  • Hope Comment Campaign

    Since 2012, SK ecoplant Hope Comment Campaign has matched 2,000 KRW (about 2 dollar) to each employee comment to support the healthy growth of poor children and young adults overseas. The fund is used for surgeries for burns, removal of tumors on the tongue, and other emergency surgeries in developing countries. The company also constructed a soup kitchen in Madagascar, Africa to provide a balanced diet to the people there. Added to that, clean modern toilets were built in junior high schools in Vietnam, and a water tank was placed in elementary schools in Tanzania to prevent epidemic diseases and provide clean water. By December of 2020, 20,000 employees participated in 103 Hope Comment Campaigns, raising about 400 million KRW.

  • Sharing Happiness with Families

    Often, some employees are too busy to spend much time together. The SK ecoplant invites the families of such employees to do volunteer work together at least four times a year. Since 2007, they have held a family event to care for Seoul Forest every year at Seoul Forest. Employees and their families plant seedlings and seasonal flowers, and receive education about the ecology of Seoul Forest. Also, they volunteer for gardening services for welfare institutions with poor conditions and engage in upcycling activities and donation activities along with social enterprises. By 2019, 5,500 people participated in 51 times of volunteer works.