Environmental Management

As a front-runner of environmental companies, SK ecoplant is doing its best to minimize negative environmental impact that can occur from corporate activities and restore the environment to its original form. We are implementing the environmental policy and environmental management policy we have established, which conform to our business direction, to create a sustainable future where people, society, and environment coexist. SK ecoplant’s environmental management policy applies to all employees in all business sites including the headquarters and subsidiaries. Furthermore, we actively advise our customers and Biz. Partners to implement the policy. Moreover, at SK ecoplant, the top management receives regular reports on the implementation plan and performance of environmental management and makes decisions under the responsibility of the CEO to internalize environmental management at the company-wide level. The Board of Directors reviews and votes for major agendas regarding the environmental management plan and environmental management every year, and it has prepared management-centered active environmental management promotion system by including environmental performance improvements in the performance evaluation of executives.

ESG Reporting SK ecoplant 2022 Sustainability Report