Social Contribution

SK ecoplant’s social contributions are aligned with the SK Group’s philosophy of “maximizing happiness.” All employees share the awareness that co-prosperity with the local community leads to the creation of Social Value (SV). Based on such a philosophy and high degree of awareness, we actively engage in social contribution activities to fulfill our corporate social responsibilities and achieve sustainable development and society. Notably, as a leading company in the environment and energy business, SK ecoplant carries out social contribution programs in consideration of the needs of the local community as well as the relevance to our business, and promotes signature programs.
The major themes of our social contribution activities in 2023 are classified into “local community” and “support for future generations.” In terms of practicing social contribution for the local community, we are focusing on environmental campaigns such as throwing Micro-organisms (EM) mud ball to improve the water quality of rivers and streams and plogging to improve the environment in the Jongno district. Regarding our support for future generations, we have initiated a project to sponsor Sundukwon, a child welfare facility in the Jongno district, and we are making concerted efforts to boost children’s happiness through facility renovation and educational support. In addition, we are operating an in-company campaign for GHG reduction called the 'ESG Practice Program', which includes such activities as reducing our energy consumption and waste emissions and recycling goods used by our members. We issue SV points according to the participation of the employees. The accumulated points are converted into donations and used for social contribution activities. Donation targets are also selected by a vote of our employees, thereby actively encouraging the participation of employees.

ESG Reporting SK ecoplant 2022 Sustainability Report